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  • US is the No. 1 Source of Dangerous Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android

    The No. 1 source for malicious and highly risky mobile applications that target iOS and Android devices is the U.S., followed by China, India, Korea and Taiwan. Despite coming in second as the source of the highest number of risky apps, nearly one in 10 mobile apps from China puts smartphone users at risk, according to an analysis of more than 1 million apps by Marble Labs.

  • What enterprises need to know about new iOS malware

    Report: What enterprises need to know about new iOS malware

    November 2014 may eventually become known as the ‘good ole days’ before iOS malware. That month the U.S. Government Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) issued a warning to American businesses that iOS malware can be spread by phishing attacks, and that malicious apps may steal login credentials, access data, and monitor users’ devices. The electronic crime underground has begun exploiting iOS mobile devices and will intensify attacks on employees, making dynamic protection against malicious apps critically important.

    Download the Marble Labs report, and learn:

    • How the WireLurker and Masque Attack iOS malware are distributed and how they compromise enterprise systems
    • How Apple’s half measures for remediating these attacks leave both businesses and consumers vulnerable
    • How enterprises can protect against the new iOS malware, preventing advanced persistent attacks

  • MobileIron-Marble solution guide

    MobileIron and Marble Security have partnered to provide a tightly
    integrated solution that allows enterprises to manage which mobile
    apps may be used on employee devices that access corporate

  • Nine Critical Threats Against Mobile Workers

    Criminals and hostile governments understand that the quickest way to corporate data is through mobile workers’ unsecured endpoints.

  • UBM: Protecting Mobile Device Users from Advanced Persistent Threats

    Understand the core requirements of enterprise mobile security, including mobile app scanning, personal VPNs, secure browsing and more.

  • SC Magazine: Mobile Moves Forward

    Download this SC Magazine Security Brief. It is the first step in moving your BYOD security strategy forward.

  • Spiceworks: How to Effectively Secure your Network Against Mobile Threats

    Learn about nine critical threats, why they succeed and how cutting-edge mobile security technologies render them ineffective.

  • CIO & CSO Group: Why you're still at risk, and what you can do about it

    Do you think MDM solutions stop mobile cyberattacks? Think again.

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